Foundry Lane was my first finescale layout it was built to EM gauge standards and depicted a West Midland freight only line in the 1970s.  I exhibited at about a dozen shows over about a 5 year period, before retiring it from the circuit.

This was followed by Fryers Lane which was built primarily as a test track to allow me to gain experience of working to the finer tolerances of P4 modelling. To date it has been exhibited at a few shows (making its début at Scaleforum 2015 as a work in progress) and is largely complete, except for some details and a plan to replace one of the buildings.

A desire to build some loco kits led me to start looking at 1930s LMS (ex-LNWR) subjects for inspiration.  As a result, there are a couple of locos and several wagons on my workbench reflecting these interests; a layout might follow at some point.

A long-term goal is to model Wolverhampton Low Level as it was in 1971, just before withdrawal of the passenger service, although I’ve not really made much progress on that for a few years now.

As the mood takes me, this blog might also feature the occasional post about my other interests including mountain bikes, dogs and classic car restoration.

If you want to contact me, you can do so using the form below:



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